The animated short "Bunny on the Moon" tells the story of three rabbit brothers who live on the moon. As they struggle to take the perfect photograph and avoid meteor showers, the elder brothers discover that their youngest brother's help might be crucial to completing their mission. The short was the winner of the 8th Competition for Independent Producers in Mexico, which was organized by Canal 22, a cultural channel, in 2013. Directed by Melissa Ballesteros and produced by Luispa Salmón and Claudio Jiménez, the short was a big challenge for the team at Mighty, who made it in record time: 4 minutes and 30 seconds of animation made in just 2 months by 10 people. Regarding the short's aesthetic, Salmón and Jiménez say: "We decided that the bunnies should have a plastic, toy-like feel. To optimize our production time and budget, some of the scenes in the script, such as the meteors and the smoke, were made in 2D while the characters and backgrounds were made completely in 3D."

In addition to making projects in 2D and 3D, the Mexican studio also creates its own content. One example is the animated TV series "La Cancha" (Ultra Gear Match), which is adapted from the children's book "La Cancha de Deseos" (The Stadium of Dreams) by the Mexican writer Juan Villoro. "Ultra Gear Match" tells the story of Doctor Jeronimo Gómez and his son Arturo. "Jeronimo is an eccentric, mad, enthusiastic, scientific genius," say the heads of the studio. "In an unidentified country, people are devoted to soccer but they have the worst team in the world. As the World Cup approaches, their only hope for the national team to reach the World Cup and win is the Doctor's inventions." The plot of the series is a mixture of "Dexter's Lab" and the Anime series "Captain Tsubasa". Created as an animated pilot, the series is currently seeking investors and television broadcasters to produce it.