Desde que fue fundada en 1871  los diseńos y manufacturas arrtesanales de W. Goebel Porzellanfabrik se producen en Rodental, al norte de Bavaria,  figurines, vajillas y accesorios hechos de porcelana, con finas tierras y otros materiales. Todos los productos de Goebel son hechos a mano por expertos artesanos y pintados y acabados con los más estrictos estándares de calidad.


Since founded in 1871 W. Goebel Porzellanfabrik designs and manufactures handicraft products in Rödental, northern Bavaria, near Coburg: figurines, tableware and lifestyle accessories made of porcelain, fine earthenware and other materials. All Goebel products are handmade by highly experienced craftsmen and shaped and painted with high quality standards.

In the past and in the present the name Goebel stands for best quality and unique handmade products. The trademark is your guarantee for this.
















F. & W. Goebel company is founded by Franz Detleff and William Goebel.

The first production range is toy marbles, slates and slate pencils.

With the use of new techniques production of china tableware has started. The production range already contains more than 1.000 articles at that time.


As the material “porcelain” is very popular at that time the production range is increased by other categories like medallions, animal figurines and children figurines.



The first M.I.Hummel figurines are produced. Sister Maria Innocentia Hummel herself and her order, the congregation of Franciscan nuns at Siessen, authorize Goebel to produce threedimensional products from M.I.Hummel’s paintings. The first 46 M.I.Hummel figurines are introduced at the Leipzig Spring Fair.

M.I.Hummel figurines are well accepted in the market and enjoy enormous popularity. 


Due to National Socialist rule Goebel has to change production to earthenware products for military use during the war. It is only allowed to produce M.I.Hummel figurines for export purposes to earn foreign exchange.

Sister Maria Innocentia Hummel succumbes to tuberculosis at the age of 37.

Favoured by the monetary reform in 1948 the handicraft children figurines from Rödental are among the most famous German products in America.





At the begin of the 70ies the figurine range is considerably increased in the M.I.Hummel section as well as by new product lines. Now the Goebel trademark stands for a tasteful assortment of accessories made of porcelain, glass, cast iron, wood and other materials for the well-laid table, the kitchen and a comfortable home.

Due to a worldwide economic structural change and fast-moving market developments the company is newly organized. The survival strategy is shaped by a sensible concentration on the central business.


The “Goebel Collectors Club” is founded in USA as one of the first collectors clubs of this type worldwide. 100.000 members join the Club in the first year already. Due to the big success the Club gets internationally active in 1989.

Increased business in the gift item and lifestyle accessories section.





W. Goebel Porzellanfabrik celebrates its 125th anniversary under the motto: “Bound to the past, ready for the present, creating the future”.

Due to high demand from collectors the “Nina & Marco friends” are founded.


2000 until today
Goebel products are now available at more than 11.000 specialist retailers - from the North Cape to New Zealand, from Gibraltar to Moscow, in North and South America as well as on Barbados and the Canary Islands.
Goebel’s product range now contains approx. 2.300 products.