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Manuel Lepe responded, when asked during an interview why he always painted angels in the skies.. and why do angels fly in planes? Because the angels are tired and it is fun. Manuel Lepe was in  love with Vallarta- simple, human, charitable, and moreover he never lost the exuberant innocence of childhood. These sentiments are expressed in his ingenuous paintings which radiate color, joy and light.


Manuel Lepe  was the pioneer of the "naif" painting of Puerto Vallarta. His reputation as a painter extends beyond Mexico to the United States and Europe. Manuel was declared a "National Painter of Mexico" by the Mexican President Luis Echeverria. His name is in the "naif" Painters Directory of France. Manuel is also an honorary citizen of the State of Texas. These are just a  few of the many awards and  recognitions that he received.  Of the many  exhibits he had, the  one he was most proud  of was his  exhibition in the Sciences and Industries Museum of Los Angeles where he still holds the record for  the most visitors, of  more than a millon persons. The same year  that he died,  the UNICEF bought the rights  to his  painting "The Christmas Tree"  for their Christmas cards.

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His painting of little angels, children and of Vallarta scenes are found all over the word in the homes of presidents, and famous art collectors. Elizabeth II, the Queen of  England has one of Lepe's paintings in the Royal News Museum Windsor Castle. Also celebritties such as Kurt Waldheim, Elizabeth Taylor, Willi Brandt, Ronald Reagan, John  Houston, Peter O'Toole, Lola Beltrn, and John Travolta among others, all feel what John Houston said "Manuel Lepe makes pantings to bring joy to the hearts of children in all of us"

Manuel Lepe painted over 500 ppaintings. His family has only about 20  paintings and some of them are sold exclusive at the MUSEO GALERIA MANUEL LEPE run by his daughter Marcella Lepe.

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